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Stretch For Strength 2nd Edition by John Paul Catanzaro

Back by popular demand...

Stretch For Strength by John Paul Catanzaro

After John Paul's outstanding presentation at the CPTN Conference 2003, requests were pouring in from everywhere. It was evident that people really wanted to see this workshop! Unfortunately, the only version we had was taken from amateur video, but that did not phase many in attendance who insisted on viewing the presentation again and were willing to pay in advance. So be warned: This is not one of those high-quality productions. I won't lie to you, the camera gets shaky and the sound faint at times, but the information contained within is absolutely invaluable and we're offering a money-back guarantee if you don't think so. As an added bonus, John Paul's entire slide presentation with full references has been included (click here for the table of contents.) That alone covers the cost of this program!

John Paul Catanzaro leaves no stone unturned – this is the most concise compilation of material on the subject of stretching that has ever been presented. It is a must see for all fitness enthusiasts, healthcare practitioners, personal trainers and coaches. Add Stretch For Strength to your viewing collection today.

So how much does all this cost? Well, you could easily spend $400 plus whatever other expense you would encounter to attend a Catanzaro workshop, or you could view this presentation over and over in the comfort of your home at your convenience for a mere fraction of that price. A one-year subscription to the online video (104 minutes) with slide presentation (in PDF format) costs only $9.95 and that includes a full money-back guarantee. This is an unbelievable offer – take advantage of it today!

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