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In the Stretch For Strength video and slide presentation, you will learn the following:

  • the do's and don'ts of stretching
  • different forms of stretching – when to use them and when not
  • how breathing affects stretching
  • various stretching demonstrations
  • warm-up techniques to improve strength
  • what speed to stretch and why it matters
  • how to negate a stretch – something we're all guilty of
  • methods to increase range of motion instantly
  • how much tension is required when stretching
  • what is the most neglected aspect of stretching
  • how to control the area of the muscle that's being stretched – is it possible?
  • common misconceptions about stretching – you'll be shocked
  • stretching routines to use during different stages of your workout
  • several effective methods to stretch tight hip flexors
  • how long should you really stretch for – the answer will surprise you
  • the best way to stretch the hamstrings statically, passively and dynamically
  • postural cues and how stretching can correct them
  • how to use stretching to correct a leg-length discrepancy
  • a simple test to determine piriformis syndrome versus true sciatica
  • common errors in stretching ... there are quite a few
  • how stretching can make you stronger and weaker
  • passive and manual techniques to use on your clients
  • how to use the Swiss ball, bands/tubes, and free weights as tools to improve flexibility
  • reviews of several stretching methods
  • stretching as a diagnostic tool – what to look for when evaluating flexibility
  • what is the best exercise to assess overall flexibility
  • how to correct muscle imbalances during your workout
  • and so much more!

Use stretching to your advantage, not your disadvantage. For many this presentation will be a real
eye-opener! You will gain plenty of practical information and several new tricks to impress your clients.

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